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13 Month Home Owner Warranty

yellow fremont houseSimply put, a Home Owner Warranty works like so, if you discover a condition in your home that is covered in the plan, you simply pay an approximate $50 fee for a licensed and insured technician to come out to the home. They will fix it free of any additional charge.

We purchase this warranty for you when you hire us.

Besides receiving peace of mind, Here is what it will actually cover:

*STOPPAGES: Covered: In drain, waste and sewer lines that can be cleared with 125’ of
sewer machine cable from a ground level accessible clean-out. Not Covered: obstructions
caused by roots, locating below grade clean-outs.
*SWIMMING POOL-SPA EQUIPMENT: Covered: Filter, heater, pump, motor, gaskets, relays,
impeller, manual valves, time clocks, above ground plumbing and wiring, pool sweep motor
and pump, blower. Not Covered: Lights, solar heating, underground inaccessible electrical,
gas, plumbing lines or components, clogged lines, fill lines, fill valves, jets, cleaning
equipment/systems, chlorinators, ozinators, pool sweeps or related equipment, motorized
valves, auxiliary motors pumps, structural defects and problems due to lack of maintenance
chemical imbalance.
*AIR CONDITIONING (Electric only): Covered: Central or built-in wall unit utilizing R-22 or
R410A refrigerant, or evaporative cooler. All parts and components necessary for the
operation of the system. Company will provide the necessary equipment to comply with the
currently required 13 SEER energy efficiency standards for an air conditioning system
which cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Not Covered: Portable or window units,
inaccessible refrigerant lines, gas air conditioning, any water cooled air conditioner or
heat pump, geothermal units, components or units of any description not specifically
mentioned as covered.
*CLOTHES WASHER/DRYER: Covered: All parts and components of individual freestanding
washer or dryer. Coverage for stack laundry units is limited to repairs only. Not Covered:
Soap or fluid dispensers, filters, screens, knobs, dials, mini-tubs, touch-tone panels, venting,
clothes damage.
*REFRIGERATOR: Covered: Primary refrigerator located in the kitchen of the covered
property. All parts and components necessary for the operation of the refrigerator including
its internal freezer. Not Covered: Secondary units of any description, ice makers, ice
crushers, ice cubes, fluid, beverage or ice dispensers, and all components related thereto,
food loss, shelves, racks, bins, light and socket, interior lining, thermal shell, freezer not
operated by the refrigerator compressor.
*PEST CONTROL: Treatment within the main foundation of the home and garage for these
covered pests; Ants (except fire, pharaoh and carpenter varieties), roaches, spiders, silver
fish, earwigs, crickets, ground beatles, millipedes, centipedes, pillbugs, sowbugs, clover
mites, mice. Not covered; Fungus, termites, any pests not listed above, continuous treat-
ment programs, fumigation, rodent proofing.
*ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Covered: Electrical panels, sub-panels, buss bars, breakers, GFI
breakers, light switches, wall receptacles, wiring. Not Covered: Fixtures, stretched outlets,
alarms, chimes, overloads, doorbells.
*HEATING SYSTEM: Covered: Gas, electrical, forced air, floor, gravity, wall, heat pump
(utilizing R-22 or R-410A refrigerant), radiant heat or steam system. All parts and components
necessary for the operation of the system. For specific heat pump coverage please see
paragraph 2 of Optional Coverages. Not Covered: Portable heaters, oil fired systems, electric
radiant heat, cable heat, inaccessible refrigerant lines, flues, vents, filters, fireplaces, wood or
pellet stoves.
*PLUMBING SYSTEM: Covered: Repair leaks or breaks in supply, riser, drain, waste,
and gas lines.
• WATER HEATERS: All parts and components including the internal tank.
• GARBAGE DISPOSAL: All parts and components.
VALVES: Tub, shower and diverter valves, angle stops, gate valves, and pressure regulator.
• PUMPS: Permanently installed sewer ejector, circulating, and sump pumps. All parts
and components.
• TOILETS: Tanks, bowls, wax ring seals and flushing mechanisms.
• BATHTUB WHIRLPOOL EQUIPMENT (Built-in): Motor and pump assembly.
• PLUMBING SYSTEM - Not Covered: Shower pans, tubs, enclosures, caulk, grout,
faucets, fixtures, flues, vents, toilet lids/seats, septic systems, obstruction or damage to
lines caused by roots, whirlpool jets, stoppages.
*BUILT-IN APPLIANCES: (Includes free standing ranges, dishwashers and trash
compactors transferred with the sale of the covered property).
• DISHWASHER: All parts and components*
• RANGE/OVEN/COOKTOP (Gas & Electric): All parts and components*
• RANGE HOOD FAN: All parts and components*
• MICROWAVE (Built-in): All parts and components*
• TRASH COMPACTOR: All parts and components*
• INSTANT HOT WATER DISPENSER: All parts and components*
• BUILT-IN FOOD CENTER: All parts and components*
*Not covered on any appliance: Racks, baskets, rollers, runners, handles, hinges, shelves,
knobs, dials, clocks, browning units, lights, interior linings, glass, rotisseries, removable
attachments/accessories. Sensitemp burners replaced with standard units.
*EXHAUST FANS: Covered: All parts and components. Not Covered: Heating/lighting units,
light fixtures, noises, balancing.
*ATTIC FANS: Covered: All parts and components. Not Covered: Louvers, grills,
timers, vents.
*WHOLEHOUSE FANS: Covered: All parts and components. Not Covered: Louvers,
grills, timers, vents.
*CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM: Covered: Motor, wiring, switches only. Not Covered:
Attachments, pipes, clogged pipes.
*GARAGE DOOR OPENER: Covered: All parts and components of the opener unit only. Not
Covered: Doors, hinges, springs, remote transmitters.
*TELEPHONE WIRING: Covered: The telephone wire for residential use located within the
main foundation of the home. Not Covered: Lights, phone jacks or plugs, cover plates, phones.

Please click here (.pdf) for a sample of a CRES 13 month Home Owner Warranty. This takes you to the .pdf brochure for the provider themselves.

Jeff Pereyda at Coldwell Banker. will most certainly pay for this coverage when you hire him to sell your home. go back to selling page