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Real Estate Agent, Jeff Pereyda, Loves His Job

Jeff Pereyda  Fremont Real Estate Agent

All past clients who selected Jeff Pereyda as their real estate agent end up saying  great things about the way he loves his job as a Fremont real estate agent."Very early in the the relationship, my clients know they made the best choice." says Jeff Pereyda.

Jeff Pereyda studied marketing since he was out of high school--so much so that he went and studied for his A.S. degree in marketing when it was not even required for becoming a Fremont real estate agent. Second, he also loves photography--he understands lighting and the rules that go with it, but he always hires a professional real estate photographer for all his Fremont homes for sale. But most of all, he enjoys it when people place their trust in him as their Fremont real estate agent for one of the most important events in their lives--buying or selling their house.

Call direct at 510 742-3212.

Jeff Pereyda 's Real Estate Marketing

real estate advertising syndication

Coldwell Banker spends millions and millions on advertising. As your Fremont real estate agent,Jeff Pereyda gets you more advertising like newspaper, magazines, postcards, open houses working for you too. He also uses  real estate syndication to allow 900 websites to advertize your home for sale..

See a visual aid on Coldwell Banker's web site Once you hire Jeff Pereyda as your Livermore real estate agent, your home is "syndicated" on currently over 400 real estate web sites and growing. Interested buyers, and real estate agents click on the property, and sent directly to his phone in 15 seconds. Since almost all Fremont area real estate agents and buyers begin their searches on the Internet. Coldwell Banker has spent millions in successful partnerships with approximately 400 web sites to ensure that you can count on us being  The Bay Area Market Leader. (tm)

Jeff Pereyda Stages Homes for Sale

Staging Fremont Homes
This image is from a beautiful home Jeff Pereyda sold in Niles that was staged by the builder themselves. The image was used with permission. There are many professional home stagers out there. Most home stagers have credentials like AHS, EHS, CSA and more. They cover landscaping and have a strong focus on interior design education. These are third party professionals that we use to get the most money from the sale of your home.

Selling a Fremont home "as is" is a sure way to leave money on the table. We NEVER recommend this approach. For a relatively small amount of investment, Jeff Pereyda can arrange for clutter to be removed or stored in Fremont and light remodeling and staging can begin. Once we are done, you will fully agree that you made the right choice. Why do you think the major new home builders stage the new homes full of the latest decor and color schemes? Because they know that staging is the ONLY way to sell thousands of homes at top dollar. Let us meet with you at your Fremont home, and Jeff Pereyda will show you with confidence how Fremont staging can get the highest sale price with the least amount of investment. Most homes are in need of:

  • Professional cleaning.
  • Modern color schemes to retouch or completely paint the home
  • Replant landscaping or care for existing landscaping
  • New exterior fixtures like lamps and even door bells
  • Windows cleaned and latches all working
  • Screens replaced
  • Maintain faucet valves above and below the sinks
  • Use correct bulbs throughout the home--no flood lights in the dining chandelier
  • Shower stalls must be all re caulked and glass cleaned with CLR or Ed Fred

Staging in Fremont is a must, but there are more items that usually rear their head, and real estate agent Jeff Pereyda is well-prepared to go over the entire list on a reasonable investment schedule.

#1 Seller's regret--Seller's warranty gaining popularity


Jeff Pereyda 's Real Estate Pictures are Only the Best

Jeff Pereyda 's Real Estate Photos

Fremont real estate agent Jeff Pereyda uses blu 2.0 (tm) for all his photos on his homes he sells. Even a studio unit that needs TLC can look stunning using blu. Blu 2.0 (tm) is more than professional photography. They are a Coldwell Banker exclusive marketing suite that provides Jeff Pereyda with the most sought after tools in the real estate industry. Blu automatically generates the essential marketing materials Jeff Pereyda needs. Call Jeff Pereyda direct and he can show you. It only takes 15 minutes.

Call 510 742-3212.

#1 Question: Should I Fix Up The House First?

Cost versus Value

Selling your Fremont home--The most frequent question Jeff Pereyda hears when his clients meet with him in order to sell the home is, "Should I fix it up first?" The answer is yes, but.... Let Jeff Pereyda share with you what home buyers say when he takes them out looking at homes.

"Clients and I walk in to a home with wrinkled, dirty mauve-colored carpet. They ask, How much would it cost to redo the carpet?" Or, "What is the cost to refinish the hardwood floors underneath?" The point is, whenever a home buyer sees something that needs to be redone, like the floors, in their mind they think, ", if I have to replace the carpet, I have to... research carpets, call around, etc...." like a game of poker, they are "seeing" your dirty, wrinkled, mauve carpet and, in their minds, and "raising" you two..

Another thing to consider is recoup. Recoup is what you get back after you invest in remodeling a portion of the home or install a particular fixture then sell. If you want the most you can get from selling a home, first do the repairs. You can get it done for less than what the home buyer is imagining. Then, consider cost vs value, or the recoup. A minor kitchen remodel usually tops the ranks at 116% recoup. For example, on average it may cost $22,000 to really do a decent minor kitchen redo, then when you sell the home, you will recoup roughly $25,000 from that kitchen remodel in the East Bay Area. Go to the free copy of the Cost vs Value Report posted by permission of the Cost vs Value Report. (.pdf).

There is also a fairly decent write up on Jeff Pereyda's blog Less Is More When It Comes to Remodeling the Kitchen here. November 3, 2012

Jeff Pereyda 's Pre Inspections Completed

Livermore Home Inspections
It's not just about the termites. Structural Pest Control Inspection Reports incorporate several things that can destroy wood. We will definitely want to know what is crawling around in your wood. These are not just the maintenance reports, these are full Structural Reports on your property required in order to sell your home in the State of California. We understand that you need to sell the home. Simply put, list your home for sale with real estate agent Jeff Pereyda at Coldwell Banker and get peace of mind. Call 510 742-3212 you can talk to Jeff Pereyda , the Broker Associate himself.

Words sell a home too--A word on wording.

See who your partners are when we advertise your home